LESSO a number one pipe and fittings manufacturer in Asia has a rep office in Ethiopia. EST Infinity handle media, events , online marketing and Addis Build Expo media coverage and placement as well as the event organizing from design to execution. We are proud to say EST Infinity is LESSO’s one stop shop agency

Bekal Production is a renown film production with offices in Canada and Ethiopia. ‘Tism’ movie was the first CSI kick off for Bekal production that narrated a life of people with Autism. The proceeds of the movie was given to Nehemiah Centre for kids with Autism. Est Infinity took over ‘Tism’ movie’s sponsorship program and movie Premier and PR Event organizing at the Sheraton Hotel, where media and key influential people and Embassy Ambassadors where invited.

Discover Value through technology

The two day event took place at the Sheraton Hotel. The session aimed at introducing Intel inside technological value add for suppliers and distributors. Est Infinity planned and executed a neat high-end event and managed guest invitations that was sent out to the right person in good time. The platform also created a B2B for local suppliers and distributors at.

Easter FMCG Expo

Ariel Expo presence was one of the great proposed ideas for P&G. Est Infinity measured daily consumer visit of the expo and strategized booth area and design for a high visibility and sales conversion that is supported with demonstration and a game for buyers to win Easter gifts. Ethiopian Easter expo is a famous shopping bazar platform for household buyers where we took advantage of the right target segment for Ariel.

The multi brand open market distribution drive aimed at promoting P&G brands, Pampers, Ariel and Gillette. through a market storm strategy that intensively penetrated in to the big markets. Campaign run in Largest open markets of Addis Ababa - Merkato and shola open markets. The goal of the market storm was to enlist wholesalers and retailor in to our data base for a continued stock take-up.


The program delivery incorporated touch points closer to residential areas and mobilizing prospects to activation zones. All static activation points were set up right next to stores with stock and our retail partner was also on hand with a stocked van to bridge any product availability gaps. This enabled the activation to better on the spot sales conversion.


NIDO Fortigrow 25g PPP

A three month product launch campaign was carried out for nestle new small packed sachet Nido powder milk. The ‘Get them ready for school’ themed colourful campaign also has a mass event aspect targeted to entertain mothers and their children through edutainment. Professional trained nutritionists engaged on the nutritional benefits while brand benefits where communicated though trained brand ambassadors. Est Infinity executed brand activation as well as caried out Mass event on the visit of Nestle VP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The program was successful and translated in to a significant increased sales impact in several residential locations in the region.